Meet Matt Fernandez: Our Entrepreneurial Manager


Matt went to Port Huron Northern high school where he played hockey and golf before graduating and attending SC4 (St. Clair County Community College) where he was a captain on the golf team. After receiving his Associate’s in business from SC4, Matt went on to attend Michigan State University where he was involved in various clubs ranging from the MSU Entrepreneurship Association, to the Fraternity of Phi Gamma Delta where he helped raise over $25,000 for Cancer Awareness & Prevention. Matt graduated from MSU in May of 2018 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing and a Minor in Entrepreneurship.

From a very young age Matt has always had a passion for entrepreneurship and business. When he was super young, he loved setting up lemonade stands and other small gigs. In community college he started his own fitness business and trained clients out of his garage gym. When he moved away to Michigan State University he started his first real company called Tee Box Club. Tee Box Club is a golf subscription company that delivers the golf essentials straight to their Members doorstep. They offer premium used golf balls, high-quality golf gloves, golf towels, golf tees and hats. Tee Box Club is perfect for golfer’s tired of paying a premium price for high-quality golf essentials.

After graduating Matt accepted his position as Manager of Entrepreneurial Services here at the Underground. He is excited to jump in feet first and help all the start-up businesses he can.

A Letter from Matt:

Hello all,

It’s a pleasure to be here and I am more than excited to meet, collaborate and network with all of you. Coming from the background I have, I know the struggles of being an Entrepreneur. The ups and downs, the highs and lows; it seems to never end really. One moment you’re on top of the world, the next you’re struggling to meet your self-internalized deadlines you’ve set for yourself. 16-hour days are a standard and late nights inevitable. So why do we do it? Why would we rather work 80 hours for ourselves then 40 for someone else? It’s that internal drive for being our own boss, working on what we want, when we want and with who we want. Doing what we love so we can truly go to bed satisfied and wake up with passion every morning. No, it’s not easier than getting a 9-5 job, but it sure is worth it. Every second of mental sweat and dedication filtered into your business is worth it so one-day you can achieve your dream business- whatever that may be.

I wanted to start out with this so you all know that being an entrepreneur isn’t easy. If you are an entrepreneur I’m sure you know this already. No, not all entrepreneurs are millionaires, in fact most business don’t turn a profit for 3 years… Or ever… I’m not saying all of this to scare you but to enlighten you on the hard work needed to truly wake up and be able to say you’re doing what you love. So, keep your head down, enjoy the ride and grind until you make it!


Let me start out by saying I am by no means an expert in all of these categories, but I have done all of these things several times before, so I know my way around the course.

Email Automation:

o   Welcome series

o   Customer engagement

o   Sales series

o   Customer dynamics


Marketing Through Different Channels:

o   Social Media: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest

o   Google Ads


o   Blogging

o   Landing pages

o   Email lists



o   Online Storefronts

o   Amazon



o   Marketing material

o   Packaging

o   Email material

o   Branding

o   Logos



o   Create brands

o   Maintaining brands

o   Consumer psychology


Website Design

o   Actual website designs

o   UX (user experience)

o   Conversion Optimization

o   Landing pages


Supply Chain Management

o   Sourcing

o   International relations

o   Inventory control

o   Cash Flow


Google Analytics

o   Analyzing

o   Strategizing


Building Customer Base

o   Acquisition strategies

o   Retention strategies

o   Negating buyer’s remorse


Distribution Channels

o   Shipping

o   Retail

And much more!

Have questions or want to talk? Let’s do it!