Let us take your business to new heights.


Strategy & Coaching

Let us help you plan your business strategically. We’ll help you set goals and give you tactics to help tackle those big goals in the most effective ways.

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Monthly Technical Help


Our Program

Our accelerator program is second to none and offers benefits & features to take your business from the ground up... Literally. Not only have we had experience starting and running our own businesses, but we've helped others reach their goals. Here's how it works.

How it Works

You send us an application HERE. We look over your application and see where we can help, our plan of attack & if we can get you funding. We then do the following:

  • Hand-picked advisory board for each client

  • Metrics to measure your progress

  • Interns from Baker College and SC4

  • Access to Lawrence Technological University's collaboratory

  • Eligibility to apply for Automation Alley's 7 C's Program

  • Assistance with finding funding and customers

  • Entrepreneurial and business training

  • Network of resources and other support

  • Access to The Underground conference areas & databases

  • Business Counseling


Do not make ANY payment until accepted into to incubator program by clicking the link above and filling out the form. Thank you.

Incubation Quarterly Fee - $270

Incubation Monthly Fee - $90


Incubation - Semi-Annual $ 540


Incubation - Annual $1,080