The Proving Grounds

The Proving Grounds Fund was created in collaboration with the Community Capital Club, the EDA of St. Clair County and the Underground to help fund start-ups with the seed money they need to start or grow their business. Start-ups can apply for the fund & try to gain the capital and resources they need to grow their start-up.

A little more information



Need funding? The Proving Grounds Fund might be a great option for you! We give seed money in exchange for very low-equity in your company. You’ll gain access to the Underground’s wealth of knowledge as well as gain the funding you need to grow your start-up. Need follow up funding as well? We’ll help prep you for your next round of funding.


Incubator Program

Gain 1-year access to the Underground’s incubator program. The program is designed to help start up gain the resources & knowledge they need to continue to grow their company. We’ll help set you up with strategic goals and tactics to crush them.


Advisory Board

Being an entrepreneur can be lonely. Luckily, our advisory board can make it a team atmosphere. Stay on track with your goals by having a team of advisors to guide and help coach you to your company goals and objectives.

How it works:

  1. Fill out our Proving Ground Form & have a formal meeting to discuss your start-up.

  2. IF APPROVED, your start-up will receive $10,000 for 5% of your company to the Community Capital Club.

  3. Your company gains access to the 1-year incubator program and all of the Undergrounds resources.

  4. We help you set strategy goals and tactics with an advisory board fit for your company.

  5. Stay accountable by reporting quarterly metrics and discussing future plans

  6. Crush your business goals and grow your company


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