Current and Former Incubator Clients


Smart Shelf Inc.

Smart Shelf / (dba) D3 Products was established in 2015, headquartered in St. Clair County Michigan. The company was founded as an entrepreneurial venture specializing in novel portable space-saving shelf platforms in a variety of shapes, sizes and themes that solve common needs and problems faced by electronic device users and people living in limited spaces. All Smart Shelf products will have the option of embedded wireless charging technology for electronic devices, removable beverage holder that also offers placement of personal items, with options for a removable LED light that serves as a night light, reading light and flashlight.

Our roots in the incubator program gave us many assets we continue to benefit from to this day... the facility, functions, resources, education, connections, networking and most importantly the friendships have all paved the way to our success and continue to be a part of our journey. 

Founders Dan (left) and Ed (right) Cass

Founders Dan (left) and Ed (right) Cass


Ease Seating Systems

Ease Seating Systems designs and manufactures alternating pressure cushions for a plethora of different markets. How does it work? Ease alternating air system starts with two staggered sets of air bladders that run laterally across the cushion (to prevent leaning left or right). Air gets pumped into the bladder and alternates at different time frequencies to help off-site bedsores and others problems related to sitting too long!


Winsom Rewards

Winsom aspires to become the largest promoter of health-related challenges in the country. Their program is designed to allow local and national businesses and brands to have a direct relationship with their participants (app users), while helping them become motivated to cultivate these healthy lifestyle habits. Students will download our app, accept Challenges offered by our Prize Partners and log in each time they work out. They hope to launch soon!


Golden Laser Designs

Golden Laser Designs expanded their company with a purchase of a laser capable of creating designs on virtually any surface. With the ability to produce items locally they can provide bulk services to large corporations and single, specialized orders for individuals. Golden Laser has items available such as tumblrs, pictures, tribute plaques, wall art, specialty signs, holiday decorations, puzzles, etched wine bottles and glasses along with many other custom items.

EST logo.png

Eversharp Tools

The mission of Ever Sharp Tools Inc. is to streamline the process of developing, ordering and delivering new cutting tools and gages, allowing our customers to benefit from the exceptional technological capabilities and competitive pricing of Chinese manufacturing, without the challenges that often accompany working with overseas suppliers.

Locally, we feature state-of the-art sharpening and inspection services, along with an experienced team who can troubleshoot problems that other suppliers can’t solve. We are proud to produce products of the highest quality, offering exceptional service and value, making us a preferred partner for our clients throughout North America.

Recor Logo2.png

Recor Co, LLC is a consumer product design and development company that is based in St. Clair, Michigan with the goal of designing environmentally friendly products that are manufactured in the USA.

Record currently has many patent-pending product designs and even more in the initial conceptual design phase. With the potential success of our initial product line, Recor will focus resources and knowledge gained into the next generation products. These next generation products are each capable of being stand-alone products or part of a modular system of products where parts are shared for different specific functions.


Gro-Hoop is a innovative modular plant support system that grows with your plant and flowers one section at a time. As soon as your plant gets too big for one level, you simply add another. This simplifies the growing process and helps insure your plants grow to their full potential. Gro-Hoop started out with nothing more than Minimally Viable Product that turned into a patented product sold all across the US!

Founders Kathy and Kevin giving a marketing pitch on Local 4 news.

Founders Kathy and Kevin giving a marketing pitch on Local 4 news.


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